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PhD opportunities in Napoli - deadline Jan 10th
(From the original e-mail message) Please circulate among the graduate students of your Institution the possibility to apply for a Ph.D. in Physics in Naples. Several positions are available and applications of motivated candidates are very welcome. With more than 130 staff members the physics Department at "Federico II" University offers a very broad Ph.D. program with possibilities to work on NA62 but also on many other experiments such as LHC experiments (ATLAS and CMS), Belle2, as well as several neutrino and dark matter experiments (including OPERA, T2K, JEM-EUSO, AUGER, and others). Other opportunities are present in the fields of condensed matter, nuclear physics, theoretical physics, geophysics and astrophysics as well.
More information can be found at the following URLs:
For Italian candidates:
For foreign candidates:
== DEADLINE: January 10th, 2014 ==
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