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10/12/14 Seminario Dr. Cottone
Mercoledì 10 Dicembre 2014 ore 15:00
Aula A, p.1 Sede di via Pascoli
Dr. Francesco Cottone (Dip. Fisica e Geologia, UniPG)
Micro- and Nano-Systems for Energy Harvesting
The possibility for miniature wireless sensors to operate for indefinite time by capturing part of the environmental energy where they are located open a vast scenario of biomedical, infrastructural and industrial applications. In particular, wasted kinetic energy is one of the most promising source among electromagnetic, solar and thermal energy. However, most of vibrating sources are typically located at very low frequencies: human movements, bridges, transportation etc. Besides, vibration energy harvesters (VEHs) based on Micro- and Nano-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (NEMS, MEMS) suffer from the limit of high resonating frequencies.
This talk will present novel approaches for efficient low-frequency miniature VEHs with a special focus on forthcoming applications in biomedical and remote wireless sensing. In addition, the EU project PROTEUS for remote water monitoring through self-powering wireless sensors, recently approved by H2020 funding program, will presented.


I Seminario del Ciclo Tematico della serie "La Ricerca nel Dipartimento Presentata dai Giovani Ricercatori - Anno Accademico 2014/2015" - Argomenti selezionati tra: Fisica Teorica, Fisica delle Particelle e Astrofisica, Fisica delle Micro e Nano Strutture, Geomateriali, Geotermia, Rischio Vulcanico e Ambientale, Geologia Applicata, Geofisica, Idrogeologia e Geomorfologia, Geologia del Sedimentario, Paleontologia, Geologia Strutturale e Geofisica.
Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.
Prof. Lucio Cerrito (Dip. Fisica e Geologia, UniPG)

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