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25/03/15 Seminario Dr. Ambroglini
Mercoledì 25 Marzo 2015 ore 15:00
Aula A, p.1 Sede di via Pascoli
Dr. Filippo Ambroglini (Dip. Fisica e Geologia, UniPG)
Space & Earth: characterization of the low energy radiation in space

The radiation environment in space is a fundamental issue to cope with if we really want to have long term missions in deep space; at the same time a deep knowledge of the low energy radiation trapped in the magnetosphere could also offer a different perspective in the understanding of what happens on the Earth.
During this seminar I will present the ongoing activities in the development of a set of dedicated analysis tools for the estimation of the dose absorbed by astronauts within the SR2S (Space Radiation Superconducting Shielding) project, focusing the attention on the obtained results and on the future perspectives.
The same tools are at the basis of the design for a new experiment, LIMADOU, that will be installed on the CSES (Chinese Seismic Earthquake Satellite) mission planned for launch in early 2016. This instrument will study the radiation of the inner Van Allen belt and its correlation with preparatory mechanisms of earthquakes. Details on the detector construction – currently ongoing in Perugia – will be given.


VIII Seminario del Ciclo tematico della serie "La Ricerca nel Dipartimento Presentata dai Giovani Ricercatori - Anno Accademico 2014/2015" - Argomenti selezionati tra: Fisica Teorica, Fisica delle Particelle e Astrofisica, Fisica delle Micro e Nano Strutture, Geomateriali, Geotermia, Rischio Vulcanico e Ambientale, Geologia Applicata, Geofisica, Idrogeologia e Geomorfologia, Geologia del Sedimentario, Paleontologia, Geologia Strutturale e Geofisica.
Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.
Prof. Lucio Cerrito (Dip. Fisica e Geologia, UniPG)

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