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International Conference "Micro Energy 2017"
Lunedì 03 Luglio 2017 ore 08:00
International Conference "Micro Energy 2017"
The ambition of this international conference is to bring together international scientists from academia, research centres and industry to discuss recent development in the topic of micro energy and its use for powering sensing and communicating devices. We expect also the participation of representatives from funding agencies as—`the FET unit of European Commission and the ONRG.
The conference topics include the following:

Session I - *Micro energy harvesting*
Energy transformation processes at micro and nano scales, mathematical models, harvesting efficiency,thermoelectric, photovoltaic, electrostatic, electrodynamic, piezoelectric,
harvesting in biological systems, novel concepts in energy harvesting.
Session II - *Micro energy dissipation*
Noise and friction phenomena, fundamental limits in energy dissipation, Landauer bound, heat dissipation, thermodynamics of non-equilibrium systems,
stochastic resonance and noise induced phenomena.

Session III - *Micro energy storage*
High performance batteries, super capacitors, micro-fuel cells,non-conventional storage systems

Session IV - *Micro energy use*
Autonomous wireless sensors, zero-power computing, zero-power sensing, IoT, pproximate computing, energy aware software, transient computing.

The conference proceedings will be published in the form of regular articles in a major science journal (negotiation in progress).
Relevant dates:
Mar. 1 2017, deadline for contributed oral/posters
Mar. 15 2017, notification of acceptance oral/posters
Apr. 15 2017, end early registration
May. 15 2017, end late registration

Please note that, co-located with the conference, there will be also the NiPS Summer School 2017 2013 Energy Harvesting: models and applications Gubbio (Italy),June 30-July 3.

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