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Avviso di Seminario
Lunedì 03 Giugno 2019 ore 11:30
Sala Riunioni terzo piano edificio di via pascoli
Dott. Giovanni Signorelli , INFN - Pisa
The measurement of the B - mode polarization of the CMB: the path towards the next satellite experiment
The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) carries valuable information about the
early Universe. The picture of CMB anisotropi es conveys information about
matter and energy content in the Universe at about 300000 years after the Big Bang, when radiation and matter decoupled. The CMB polarization allows us to go back to the very first fraction of a second after Big Bang. Primordial gravitational waves created during the inflationary era are at the origin of large-scale curl patterns in the CMB polarization map called the B-modes. The measurement of the very faint B-modes requires specialized detectors and electronics: superconducting bolometers coupled to antennas to be sensitive to the microwaves, read out by SQUIDs, amplifiers based on quantum interference in a superconducting loop, all living at sub-Kelvin temperatures.
Several experiments are under way or being planned in this search, from ground, balloon,
or satellite, as LSPE, in which INFN is involved, and LiteBIRD, that has just been selected
as the next JAXA's strategic large mission, to be launched in the late 2020s to map the polarization of the CMB radiation over the full sky at large angular scales with unprecedented precision. Precise polarization maps of LiteBIRD will also provide us with valuable pieces of information on particle physics and astrophysics.

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