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La ricerca in nanotecnologia condotta a UniPG, sulle news internazionali
(IOP/ Lab Talk: "Can we build a computing device that works without any energy input?" - Present day microprocessors consume too much energy. This is a serious limitation toward the realization of novel supercomputers - these would require a nuclear power plant to make them work. It's also a limitation toward the development of the "internet-of-things" scenario. This is where small mobile devices process information and communicate autonomously, without disposable batteries. Reporting in Nanotechnology, researchers consider what could be done. ...

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Researchers in this field at the University of Perugia, Department of Physics and Geology, via A. Pascoli, Perugia, Italy :

- Luca Gammaitoni is Professor of experimental physics and the director of the Noise in Physical System (NiPS) laboratory. He is also the coordinator of the European projects LANDAUER and ICT-Energy, devoted to this topic;
- Giovanni Carlotti is Professor of condensed matter and the head of the Group of High resolution Optical Spectroscopy and related Techniques (GHOST);
- Marco Madami is a Researcher at GHOST group;
- Davide Chiuchiu' is a PhD student.

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